1. mjgates's Avatar
    I signed up for the zune pass trial in hopes to have random mixes from an artist/songs i chose. However, when I choose smart dj on the phone, it just scrolls through music i already have on the phone and does not play similar type music like pandora/iheart/slacker would. Does Zune only play music you have on the phone? or will it play random mixes off of what you already have. This will make a big difference on whether I pay for a subscription. Appreciate any advice.
    05-31-2012 01:07 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Some features are limited on the trial I believe this is one of them. The full version will stream songs ota for smart DJ. Just pick an artist and select Smart DJ and it will mix your collection with other Artist and stream the music to your device.
    05-31-2012 05:02 PM
  3. Verkunder's Avatar
    Check your Music+Video settings, too. I think there's an option to where it will only use songs on your device.
    05-31-2012 05:10 PM