1. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    I have only one background task enabled - Weather Flow.
    9 - are disabled.
    But on going to advance, I have 23 apps that are greyed out.

    My concern is:
    a) are they enabled or disabled for background tasks?
    b) why are they there?
    06-10-2012 10:28 AM
  2. hobbit25's Avatar
    I would be interested in knowing this as well.
    06-10-2012 10:48 AM
  3. PG2G's Avatar
    The text says that it is a list of every app on your phone that can run in the background. Based on the text, that list has nothing to do with the enabled/disabled status, which is what the previous screen displays.
    06-10-2012 02:27 PM
  4. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    So does this mean that 'they can run' as and when need be? i.e. background task is enabled in a way that it doesn't run every 30 minutes for 25 seconds, but it may be running every 15 minutes for 15 seconds or even every 60 minutes for 10 seconds hypothetically?

    I am just feeling annoyed with the fact that they are there, and the letters on that screen don't explain what they mean and dont see MSFT talking about it too. Do they help by not being there? Do they harm by being there?
    06-10-2012 03:30 PM
  5. jimski's Avatar
    The Background Tasks on the Advanced list cannot run on a scheduled basis, if you don't give it permission. But they may run in the background when you open the app and then tombstone it (move away from it). Examples might be an alarm app or music app, that continue to run until you close them.

    The background tasks in the first view typically need to run on a scheduled basis to fetch information unlike iHeart Radio for example, that only needs to run when you open the app. You can control the way most apps perform within their settings. But some don't.

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    06-10-2012 03:45 PM