1. laska's Avatar
    My photo albums have recently stopped showing up in the photos hub on my LG Quantum. They appear in the date tab, but are not sorted into albums like I want. I've tried changing my sync settings to "all," "items i choose," and "manual," but nothing works. Any tips?
    06-12-2012 11:36 PM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    Are they Facebook albums? There's a problem with Facebook right now.
    06-13-2012 01:11 AM
  3. laska's Avatar
    They're not, it's just the photos from my computer! They show up in albums on my computer, but when I unplug my phone they're not there.
    06-15-2012 02:06 PM
  4. Cactus_Tad's Avatar
    My photo hub will not update. Everything is in the dates but not sorted into the albums
    10-06-2012 05:51 PM

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