1. MrBacon42's Avatar
    Are there any good PC controller apps on the marketplace? I searched it and saw quite a few but didn't really want to try them all out to find a good one. Have any of you found one that works well?
    07-05-2012 10:12 AM
  2. Bailey HD7's Avatar
    I've had good luck with PC Remote. It controlled most programs I tried it with. MS Media player, Winamp, XBMC, and so on. It needs a companion app installed on the PC you want to control, and works over wifi. I used it for a while before I moved on to the ConnectMe RDP client. I figure, why control just your media when you can control your whole PC with one app :) . Plus I like how ConnectMe works over 3g, so I can start new torrents from the road or transfer files back and forth.
    Anyway, they've done me well, how that helps
    07-05-2012 11:32 AM