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    What's going on WPCentral team?

    So everybody is talking about advertising and how its so weak and it needs to be changed etc. So I decided to write a script maybe I should try getting into advertising if its any good let me know what you guys think.

    First of all this script focuses on Transportation because lets face it for the price you pay for a Lumia there is no other phone that has been transportation features than a Nokia Lumia 900 and turn-by-turn GPS a lot of people will love it especially if its affordable.

    So this ad is shot in first person and I was inspired by the Office Space traffic scene check it out.

    Scene1 - LOST

    - Starts with the narrator on the road driving

    Narrator: "I hate getting lost"
    Quickly follows up by 3 shorter scenes
    1. Narrator swears (obv bleeped out) he arrives at the wrong location
    2. Narrator face palms arrives at the wrong location again
    3. Narrator takes the wrong turn ;) Remember this movie

    Scene2 - LATE

    Narrator: "I hate being late"
    Followed by 3 quicker scenes
    1. Narrator late to an interview
    2. Narrator late to work
    3. Narrator late to a party and someone takes his girl :(

    Scene3 - Traffic

    - Narrator needs to get to an event but hes stuck in traffic

    Narrator: "Stuck in traffic"

    Scene 4 - Lumia

    Narrator: "Enough with these stupid maps"

    - Narrator throws a smartphone with mapping out the Window.

    Narrator: "So I got myself a real phone with Dictated, Turn-By-Turn GPS and it even learns your commute to work so I wont get lost, late or stuck in traffic"

    - Narrator picks up a Nokia Lumia phone puts it on his dash, drives away, avoids traffic, and gets to the correct destination on time looking all stylish.

    Ad ends with all of this on a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Affordable, Simple and can get you to wherever you want to go.

    Why did I make it so simple with basic narration? Well everybody has been lost, late or stuck in traffic so I hope people can relate to this ad and realize that there is a better mapping solution out there without breaking the bank.

    Well this is my first ad for the Nokia Lumia line let me know what you think good? bad? changes? Like I said the goal was to make it dead simple and kind of funny but yet affective.


    07-30-2012 10:09 PM