1. wprealm's Avatar
    I have tried to search on this subject with only a few results. I have a Focus S. I have seen people mention this problem with my phone along with HTC phones, so I am thinking this is a Windows Phone issue rather than a Samsung Focus S issue.

    As of right now my phone will not at all turn on (the past 10 minutes), but this issue first started earlier this week. Basically I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I went to check it and it vibrated because it was just turned on -- I thought WTF? So I guess the phone restarted in my pocket. Did not think much of it until it happened randomly throughout the day. I can not figure out what the **** causes it. I would be using the phone and the "SLIDE TO POWER OFF" thing comes up like I am holding the power button but I would not even be pressing the button. I would slide it up but it would turn off anyway a few seconds later, then it would reboot, but it would usually take a few trys before it turned on..... until now, because like I mentioned, for the last 10 minutes it just will not turn on and keeps saying "SAMSUNG" following by the "SAMSUNG mob!le" screen, and then back to SAMSUNG. Non stop loop. This is pretty sad. Cannot even use my phone. But I am going to take out the battery right now and see if that turns it on...

    Okay.. I am to the Rethink Possible screen.. Windows Phone screen. Okay I am back on. Or not. Wow, just turned off again. Back to the Samsung / Samsung Mobile screen on a constant loop.

    This is terrible. I cannot use my phone. I bought the phone in November of last year for $499 (I know, I am not too bright), so I believe it is covered under warranty, but I Do not think this is a Samsung issue to tell you the truth since I saw a thread on here explaining exact same issue but with a HTC Trophy. The poster mentioned it happened after he updated his phone. I have not updated or anything recently.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    08-18-2012 12:39 PM
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    My AT&T's LG Quantum constantly restarts itself if I put in a particular SIM card (from T-Mobile). I switch SIM cards frequently because I travel a lot, but only that one gives me problems. Have you tested your phone with a different SIM card?

    I would try to restore the phone to the last backup through Zune, if it does recognize it.
    08-19-2012 11:49 PM