1. Retro_uk's Avatar
    I have read how stable these phones can be, but I have had some odd things happen in the few weeks I have owned it.

    I'm sure it has switched itself off before now (it was off one day and I don't recall switching it off) and it has rebooted itself once.

    But yesterday I went to use it and it had no service. When I tried to make a phonecall it said I needed to enter a pin (I only have a pin set for when the phone initially powers on).

    But the screen for entering the pin only had options at the bottom for "call" and "save". I entered my pin, but that just then switched to trying to dial my pin number?

    I rebooted the phone and it was fine afterwards - no pin requests when dialing. Just curious if anyone has seen this at all? Could just be a one off of course, but curious to know what caused it in the first place. Thanks.
    08-28-2012 02:27 AM