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    What is it with some of you Nokia loyalists, that want to hate on anything not Nokia, specifically Samsung? Honestly, give it a rest, you're just as bad as the iPhone sheep. You do realize that it is possible for all these devices to be great and desirable without the others being referred to as crap?
    So let's get this straight, your worshiping a company based off your perception that they make a solid product and their support for Windows Phone OS?
    First off, Samsung and HTC both make solid products. End of discussion.
    Second, HTC and Samsung were the first to support Windows Phone 7. Nokia was nowhere to be found. Only after they hit rock bottom they decided to come join the Windows Phone bandwagon. They had no other choice, they were dead in the water. So it's not like, they were super successful (Like Sammy and HTC are with Android) and still made an attempt to support Windows Phone OS (again Like Sammy and HTC.) So stop this BS hero worship like Nokia is doing you and Windows Phone OS a big favor out of their big hearts. They made this choice as a last ditch effort to stop the bleeding and save the company.
    If anything, Sammy is doing all of us Windows Phone OS lovers a HUGE favor and bringing their momentum to the Windows Phone OS. MS needs Sammy and HTC right now more than ever. The market share is dismal, and the Nokia Lumia 800/900 was not the big success MS needed. If Nokia remained the only device for WP8, it would be all over for MS, and Nokia would have no choice but to adopt Android. This is without a doubt. Don't even bother comparing the Nokia/WP8 model to Apple/iOS model. Not even close.
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    Post in a civil manner or don't post. You can repost your thread in a non insulting non inflammatory manned if you like but this one is closed.
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