1. jackiechanme's Avatar
    dear brothers..
    im a new member of wp central just 5 mins in..
    im having lumia 710. i did the tango update for the phone when it was released. and got the internet sharing facility. but it was not functional. my pc would detect the phone network but showed i have no internet access. then i did a reset of my phone and it started to work. it was working well and good until 2 weeks back
    but now im having the same issue again. pc detects the network. i can connect to it as well but shows no internet access..
    kindly help me on this brothers..just dont know what to do??
    i love this phone very much. but feel bad when this is happening
    hope u wud give me a solution on this?

    thank you
    09-12-2012 10:58 AM