1. original.woodster's Avatar
    Go, quick question. When I close my browser fully be double tapping the back arrow, when I re-open Internet Explorer it tries to re-open the page I had up last. Is there a way to stop this?
    10-03-2012 02:13 PM
  2. mdameron's Avatar
    Nope. The only way would be to get IE to crash somehow. Then when you open it again, it will be blank. I think the only way to get it to crash is to run low on memory. That's usually the only time IE has crashed on me.
    10-03-2012 03:24 PM
  3. original.woodster's Avatar
    before I've had to close all tabs and press the back button untill I get back to the very first blank page. Really annoying since I moved from my BlackBerry, as that had a start page which could have your bookmarks on or a site of your choice.
    10-03-2012 04:07 PM
  4. mdameron's Avatar
    I forgot about the tabs shortcut. That's one way to do it. I agree, I think I'd like it to be blank every time.
    10-03-2012 04:53 PM