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    Please see this thread which has my post:
    Samsung Focus S screen malfunctions unless plugged... - AT&T Community Support
    After posting to the ATT forum I talked with Samsung tech support and they said that my phone is indeed under warranty. They suggested to re-install Zune but that didn't help. Next step, according to them, should be to do a Factory Reset.
    I am not sure that will help either. But I could give it a try after backing up the phone fully. In none of PCs Zune is able recognize the phone, so that will not help. Now my options are to email myself the photos/videos or store on the Skydrive.
    Note: The phone works perfectly fine so long it is charging through either the PC or the wall outlet. I do have the skydrive application installed. I have 25 gb in Skydrive--almost un-used and the phone only has 6-7 gb of files/data.

    What are my options to fix this phone? I am fairly certain that the Factory Reset will not help. Eventually I should be able to get a replacement from Samsung.
    What are my options to backup and restore this phone, considering PC connection is not working? Is there an app which can help with some kind of Skydrive backup/restore?

    BTW, I am planning to upgrade to Nokia Lumia 920 when that comes out! But I need a functioning smart phone--preferably a Windows Phone one--till that.

    10-06-2012 01:35 PM
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    An update: Factory Reset didn't help.
    I got an RMA to return to Samsung for repair--they said will not replace.
    This is a disappointment. Phones can go bad but there is no easy backup and restore option where all settings/apps etc could be restored to another phone.
    10-06-2012 05:18 PM
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    I feel your pain. My wife's focus s is pretty much doing the exact same thing. I tried wiggling the connector around and that worked...kind of. I was able to get the the 7740 (i think) update but had to use the laptop in order to do it. After that 1 time I wasn't able to connect again to the laptop. The original home zune account is on my main pc which refuses to recognize the USB drivers. I guess I can send the phone back but I'm ready to just write this off as a learning experience. Maybe buying a windows made windows phone in the future would be a better safe guard against lousy oem products.

    One last thing, the USB error code I get is 43.
    10-09-2012 04:59 PM
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    1) As of now, my Samsung Focus S is not being recognized by three different computers--but they charge the phone through the USB cable.
    2) The phone doesn't shut down! Slide to Power Off restarts the Phone--doesn't matter if the phone is charging or not.
    3) Even after removing any charging source the phone continues to show the charging indicator.
    4) The screen has not caused any problems for days--probably because I am keeping the phone charged over 80%
    5) One time a couple of days ago the phone battery did go below 50% but the screen was fine.
    6) I have ordered a cheap original Samsung Focus from Ebay; as soon as that arrives this Focus S goes to Samsung for repair.
    7) I did drop the phone hard on driveway gravel a few days ago but there are no visible marks from that drop at all. I am assuming the hardware has gone bad anyway :)
    10-10-2012 01:24 PM