1. sinime's Avatar
    I noticed an odd behavior in the Pictures app while viewing screen shots.

    I have not paid to become an official WP dev, so What I've been doing is taking screen shots of my app, from the emulator, and emailing those shots to myself to quickly see how it looks on an actual device. Pictures pull up and look great from the email app, but if you save it to the phone and view it from the Pictures app, it looks compressed.

    At first I thought it was compressing the pictures to save space, but I then noticed that if I text the same picture (version viewable in Pictures app) it looks as good in the text as it does in the email. I then went back into Pictures and noticed that if you zoom in on the picture, it isn't compressed and doesn't look grainy/blurry. As soon as you double tap to zoom out, bamm, grainsville.

    So why is it, that viewing a 480x800 screen shot, while not zoomed in or out, looks blurry/compressed from within the pictures app, but same picture looks sharp when viewed from email or text messaging?

    I have attached one of the screen shots for reference.
    10-26-2012 02:50 PM