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    Like many others, I'm sure, I'm taking today to begin moving off of Gmail and onto Outlook.com (following Gmail's dumping of EAS support for free accounts of any kind).

    I figured it was a good excuse to clean things up a bit anyway, as my primary Microsoft Account for my phone/xbox/w8 has always been a Google Apps e-mail address that always left a bit of fudging and deadwood in Windows Phone and hacking multiple Google calendars into the phone has always been a pain, too.

    Now, I'm aware of the dangers of RENAMING your Microsoft account (for instance, from Hotmail.com to outlook.com), but in this case, I'm not actually changing the address- just the back end.

    So, here's what I had before on my WP7:

    Microsoft account: acct@mydomain.com (for example)
    - This account just served as my Microsoft Account for music, apps, etc. I actually did have the server set to m.google.com and my Google password inputted, but I think that may have been from trying to get that going as a "full" account without the extra account (below)

    Gmail account: acct@mydomain.com
    - This was a Google Apps e-mail address on my custom domain - I used this account to actually sync contacts and calendars between my wife's phone, my phone and our desktops.

    Of course, it was always tricky to remember to put contacts in the correct account, and events, and so on.

    So today, after deciding to make the switch, I went to outlook.com and stepped through the process to set up Outlook.com with a custom domain. Since there wasn't much in the way of important e-mails coming through that account, I updated the MX records and confirmed the domain, etc. Once the domain was verified and e-mail set up, I added an account - the same name as the Google Apps e-mail address that I use for my Microsoft Account. It told me that account already exists and asked me to import it into the domain. I allowed it to import it.

    I sent an e-mail to the address, and sure enough it came through in outlook.com instead of gmail.com. So far, so good. Importing the calendars from Gmail went perfectly. Then I went to my phone and changed the server to m.hotmail.com and set the Microsoft account password. No luck. It returned "There's a problem with m.hotmail.com. Try again later. Error code: 85010001".

    Just to try and figure out what was going on, I created an additional exchange-type account and pointed it at the same server. It worked- I see both the calendars (without any workarounds or configuration necessary- yay!) that I imported, as duplicates from my Google calendars which are still hanging around. But shortly thereafter, it would seem to endlessly hang when trying to sync - that is, it would display something like, "Syncing calendar (3)" and just sit and sit forever. From time to time, when I try to open that inbox, it asks me to verify the password for col-m.hotmail.com. I have no idea where that address came from.

    When I go in to the account settings, it tells me that settings can't be changed while syncing. So I don't know if maybe it's failed now, too. I had to turn on airplane mode to actually be able to delete that test account, since it wouldn't quit syncing.

    Anyway, what's the deal? Did importing the e-mail address into outlook.com somehow break the account like switching from Hotmail.com to outlook.com? It doesn't seem like it should, since the issue with the Hotmail transition seemed to be that it was a different account name, but I don't know. Any ideas? I've tried rebooting the phone, etc...

    Thanks for your help!
    12-17-2012 05:47 PM
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    An update:

    When I got home, I checked my wife's phone. She hadn't goofed with the primary WL account settings - they were still pointed to the (empty, originally) Hotmail account. So it had already downloaded all the calendars, contacts and e-mails in the course of the day, and all I had to do was remove the old Gmail account it was replacing.

    So it looks like it didn't goof up the account at all- my phone's just being screwy.

    On that note, on my phone, I can't seem to fully get rid of the extra Hotmail accounts I'd created - in settings I can long-tap and choose "delete", but they never leave the "all apps" menu, and I think they may still be trying to sync in the background. Any thoughts?
    12-18-2012 07:41 AM

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