1. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Okay, this is really interesting, since WP8 doesn't even have it. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SEARCH ENGINE TO GOOGLE!!! Wow... Check out the video at the 2:48 mark.

    You think WP8 will get this in Apollo+? And btw, I like bing more than google, so it doesn't matter for me.

    Edit: Okay, windows phone 8 has it.
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    12-18-2012 05:36 PM
  2. kevin2577's Avatar
    You can do it in WP8, in fact you could do it even at launch with WP7, just go to Settings>Applications>Internet Explorer>Advanced Settings>Search Provider.

    The search button behavior won't change, it will always map to the Bing App, just the behavior when type a search query into the address bar of IE
    12-18-2012 05:41 PM
  3. socialcarpet's Avatar
    WP 8 has this too. But when you hit the search button you still get Bing.
    12-18-2012 05:41 PM
  4. theefman's Avatar
    Should be removed in the next update seeing as google doesnt want to be on Windows Phone...
    12-18-2012 05:51 PM
  5. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    You sure about this??
    12-18-2012 06:11 PM
  6. MrSean490's Avatar
    If you have WP Root Tools you can do this on 7.5 :)
    12-18-2012 09:20 PM

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