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    Hello, I would like to take the time in discussing a plan to get the upcoming update Windows Phone 7.8 into every WP7 device out there. Within the next three months the update should be released but that doesn't mean we all get it, there is still the Manufacturers and Carriers to get by before the update reaches your phone. I have had my HTC HD7S for a year now and I surely not going to upgrade to a new smartphone for a two year commitment or a $500+ fee.

    Lets get to the project, i would like everyone reading this to click the link below and email HTC through the contact support and tell them that 7.8 is important to you and how much you want it on your device soon. Also mention your devices name. They will %99.99 chance reply with were sorry but we have no information on your request than that is perfect, because we know that they can hear our demands. HTC needs to take an extra step in insuring better satisfaction for existing costumers so that even the 8X people won't be in the same situation int he future. Once they have a high record of people's demands they will begin to see that their not providing the customer satisfaction we deserve.

    HTC Smartphones and Tablets - Support for HTC Cell Phones and Tablets

    I don't intend to spam them i already sent my email once, but spread the word to anyone who has an HTC windows phone 7 device and we might just make a change.
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    01-19-2013 05:26 PM