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    Hi all,
    I have a HTC Titan and "Upgraded" to 7.8 as soon as it was available for my phone.
    During the installation i was a bit surprised as it asked me to reenter my live id for the phone, i did so and everything seemed to go smoothly.
    But as soon as the upgrade process completed, I tried to check my live email and could not find the tile for it. After a few reboots, i was still unable to see the tile or add the live mail account, but i was able to add my work email and gmail accounts. I still cannot access my live mail account.

    The phone does have my live mail account information as i can still buy and download apps from the marketplace and when i add a contact it still asks to store it in windows live. However, the added contacts do not sync to the live account they just stay on the phone.

    I keep trying to add the live mail account, i go through the entire "add account" procedure and either it says that it cannot add the account at the moment or it does not give me any error at all, but it does not add the account so that i can view the email on the phone.

    I don't really want to reset my phone as i have too much information and apps on the phone to reload once again.

    So can anyone help me out in accessing my live mail email and also sync my contacts back to the online account.

    If i have to reset my phone, i would need some way to move my contacts off the phone to another online account (gmail, second hotmail ??) since my online account and my phone are not synchronized anymore.

    Thanks for your help.
    02-19-2013 04:15 AM

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