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    I got a Lumia 920 on Friday and was looking to sell my Omnia 7. I'd force updated the Omnia to 7.8 previously but most of the live tiles still didn't work (even after the supposed fix) and I was getting horrible performance issues and strange random periods of serious lag, so I decided to plug in and try to restore a backup from Zune before selling it. The usb port on my phone has always been really dodgy when hooking up to the pc and needs wiggling constantly to get it to finally connect, then if it moves even slightly it disconnects. This had happened before during an update but I was able to boot into the phone after no problem, so I wasn't too worried. Anyways, during the restore the phone decided to disconnect, Zune told me the restore failed and now my phone won't boot past the 'Omnia 7' startup screen.

    I tried a hard reset a few times, which went through the screens, said it had completed almost instantly but fixed nothing, so I read about restoring it through download mode. The problem is, every single download link I've found for the firmware, flashing software and usb drivers has been broken. I was just wondering whether anyone has any advice and the download links for me so I can get this fixed and sold before it devalues further


    **Never mind, left it alone for ages then suddenly noticed the connect to usb screen on it, hooked it up and Zune did the restore :)
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    05-05-2013 04:16 PM
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    I first read the title and immediately thought I was going to reply: "The only way to fix it is to buy a new wp phone!" Then I saw you were already a step ahead of me! Glad you got it working.
    05-05-2013 08:51 PM
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    Haha, cheers!
    05-06-2013 03:04 PM

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