1. cvoffline's Avatar
    While we learn that in WP8.1 users will be able to backup/restore the Start Screen, it still remains a mystery why Microsoft does backup/restore the WiFi access codes. People are visiting dozens of places daily ... and the phone maintains a huge list of WiFi hotspots for which the access codes have been entered before.

    Restoring the phone backup onto a new device currently does not transfer the WiFi access codes creating an annoying situation for the WP users which they are forced to seek and reenter the access code for the WiFi hotspots in places they visit every day.
    04-08-2014 02:28 AM
  2. anony_mouse's Avatar
    I can see why this is annoying, but I'm pleased that Microsoft are doing this. I might give the key to my wifi at home to a visitor, and I don't want that information stored on Microsoft's servers, even in encrypted form.
    04-08-2014 09:54 AM

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