1. aerosidinc's Avatar
    i was about to purchase 525 but wanted to make sure about 8.1 compatibility, specially cortana performance in 525.
    04-16-2014 01:57 AM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Running fine on a Lumia 521.
    Improved the experience greatly.
    04-16-2014 02:04 AM
  3. aerosidinc's Avatar
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    04-16-2014 02:05 AM
  4. Roderick Aspiras's Avatar
    I saw one on youtube
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    04-16-2014 02:12 AM
  5. Dazzah666's Avatar
    Running fine on my 520

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    04-16-2014 03:40 AM
  6. wildsdi's Avatar
    Running well on my Lumia 525.
    04-16-2014 08:52 AM
  7. acewing905's Avatar
    Running well enough on my Lumia 525. But the performance is noticably sluggish compared to the 8.0 GDR3/Lumia Black it shipped with. Even locking the phone takes like a second now, while it used to be instant.
    04-16-2014 09:12 AM
  8. jpal12's Avatar
    I have it on a 521. It is a bit slower, but features like word flow, Cortana, action center, start screen backgrounds, and triple medium tiles make up for it.
    04-16-2014 09:17 AM
  9. BenWylde's Avatar
    Indeed a little slower, but that might be due to the firmware which isn't set for 8.1 yet. Also, it's to be expected from a preview, the final will probably be faster, hopefully. But the features work like a charm, even though I can't use Cortana here (but I don't mind anyway).

    Didn't had any problems beside of the Music and Video apps (Music doesn't find everything 'n stuff and Video shows thumbnails from videos which were already deleted), but they're probably old versions (well the Music app seem to be outdated according to the news post on the main page) which get updated someday.
    04-16-2014 09:21 AM
  10. avigyan's Avatar
    Runs fine on my Lumia 520 except that the battery life has reduced badly. I am sure it will improve with the official release.
    04-16-2014 09:26 AM
  11. Cameling's Avatar
    Same problem. Works fine, but the battery drains fast...
    04-16-2014 09:31 AM
  12. WPBrony's Avatar
    Battery life and veiwing Youtube videos is only issue I found on my 520
    04-16-2014 09:35 AM
  13. acewing905's Avatar
    I think it's best to keep in mind that if GDR3 is anything to go by, this might actually turn out to be the final version. Though GDR3 didn't have problems like this, so Microsoft might come up with a new update before pushing it officially to OEMs and carriers.

    Oh, and another issue I have is copying lots of images taking a long time and taking about 1.6 times the space of the images, thanks to downscaled copies being made in the \WPSystem folder. Though this is probably some "feature" and I'm going to have to be stuck with this, since not many people seem to be noticing it.
    04-16-2014 09:52 AM
  14. someonecalledsukhjit's Avatar
    I have it on my 520. Sometimes it lags a little but overall its amazing... Cortana FTW
    04-16-2014 10:27 AM
  15. adam220891's Avatar
    It runs well on my 521, but there is some lag/delay with button presses and animations.

    Very usable, just afraid it will start to slow down and cripple me like my Android phones have always done.

    If they could get the speed back to where it was, it would be amazing.

    Battery is draining fast...I'm sure needing GPS on for Cortana is not helping.
    04-16-2014 10:42 AM
  16. vendemilo's Avatar
    How do I install the W8.1 on my Lumia 520?

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    04-16-2014 01:15 PM
  17. Guytronic's Avatar
    How do I install the W8.1 on my Lumia 520?

    Sent from my RM-914_im_south_africa_243 using Tapatalk
    Read the first post in this thread carefully:
    All the information you need to get started is there.
    04-16-2014 02:08 PM
  18. Roderick Aspiras's Avatar
    Configure apps not use run in background in Battery Sense...

    Same problem. Works fine, but the battery drains fast...
    04-17-2014 08:59 AM

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