1. skederud's Avatar
    Helo! I was wondering if there is a posibillity to put mobile network on/off in the notification center in wp 8.1,thanks
    04-20-2014 03:30 AM
  2. Idzaudin Idz's Avatar
    What u see is what u get. :)
    04-20-2014 03:33 AM
  3. yaro da yaar's Avatar
    Yeah there is possibility of it. Firstly you have to learn all the coding, then root your mobile and then add mobile network to your action center. This is so simple isn't it.
    04-20-2014 03:33 AM
  4. skederud's Avatar
    very simple yaro,have a nice day
    04-20-2014 03:45 AM

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