1. Steve Bliss's Avatar
    Sine the May update of the developer edition ive noticed that any of the spots made more than a couple of months in advance don't show up in the calendar until somewhat later, hours possibly. However they are there and do show up in the Google calendar on other devices. Does anyelse else have this experience or a solution to fix it please?
    05-17-2014 03:28 AM
  2. LL cooL's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I set an appointment to repeat it shows up.
    06-05-2014 08:25 AM
  3. gomes920's Avatar
    All my events are gone! I'm only able to see my current week's events. The older ones are just gone. I need them. What am I supposed to do?
    06-28-2014 09:39 PM
  4. timppa_k's Avatar
    It seams to be so that E-mail sync settings dictates also calendar sync. Go an change sync to any days.

    This is a big problem, because if you are heavy user of Outlook.com e-mail then the phone memory goes low. A medicine to this is to use independent calendar application like Chronos Calendar. There you can set the number of days to be synced before/after.
    Last edited by timppa_k; 07-06-2014 at 02:38 AM.
    06-29-2014 09:19 AM
  5. anon(5969054)'s Avatar
    sometimes when i make a new appointment it disappears a few seconds afterwards
    06-29-2014 09:40 AM
  6. Howard Lifshitz's Avatar
    Did you find a solution to this problem? I see the events for a few seconds then they disappear.
    12-08-2015 08:02 PM
  7. George03's Avatar
    I have the same issue. At some point syncs. I can see them for second and then they are gone.
    12-17-2015 10:48 AM
  8. metprez52's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem right now. But I'm using Window 10's calendar.
    12-17-2015 11:21 AM

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