1. playtrix's Avatar
    I just bought the 1520 from AT&T and I love it but it still has Windows 8.0

    and so a lot of apps won't work on it, etc.

    It's VERY annoying. I'm with a top carrier and how can I not have this update? I contacted AT&T and they said the update is not available.

    Can someome please explain why this always happens? When I had my Galaxy Note 1 I could not get the Jelly Bean update for multiwindow.

    06-01-2014 12:26 PM
  2. Blacklac's Avatar
    8.1 isn't officially released. Every one has the Developer Preview.

    The 1020 on AT&T was one if the first, if not THE first, to get GDR3. Surprised the hell out of me...

    What's Apps aren't working with 8.0??
    06-01-2014 12:27 PM
  3. playtrix's Avatar
    I must have been reading some lame tech articles which implied that it was out already. Thanks for the info. I really want Cortana. :)

    But there are many apps in the store which need 8.1 to work completely.
    06-01-2014 12:36 PM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    You can get 8.1 now easily, just find the relevant info on this site, its a question that has been asked numerous times before.

    Now, its not the complete package, it lacks the 8.1-specific Nokia bits which will arrive with the official release this summer.
    06-01-2014 02:30 PM

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