1. Vitor Salvatore Pierce's Avatar
    Will Cyan fix the things?

    You can read the article in the link below:
    Rede Social Beta: Qual verso do Windows Phone tem melhor qualidade de cmera?

    Is in portuguese, but the images is self explanatory.
    First GDR and second Black!

    I apologize if I posted in the wrong "section".
    06-25-2014 12:09 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Salvatore, would you be able to translate?

    Is GDR1 or Black better?
    06-25-2014 12:35 AM
  3. Vitor Salvatore Pierce's Avatar
    Salvatore, would you be able to translate?

    Is GDR1 or Black better?
    As you can notice in the picture below, the GDR1 in some moments captured less grainy photos due to the lower ISO, but ended up making the image darker:

    Photos taken with flash, following the above order

    Photos without flash

    Frontal camera

    In the comparisons, we note that the GDR1 captured photos with more vibrant colors and more contrast. While Black lost in the category contrast (which caused the famous effect "photos washed"), and constantly offered yellow photos, which affect mostly in flash photos. A major problem was the GDR1 with vibrant colors like red, where the camera was a little lost and ended granulating the entire photo is losing between colors. Besides the focus is much more slow and inaccurate. But we note an exception in the photo the Brazil coat of arms, where GDR1 without flash captured a very strange colors and washed. The Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be released later this month, following the common sequence, tops appliances first and low-ends in order.

    All tests were done with a Lumia 720 and the native photo application
    Applications like Nokia Camera no influence on the quality being in automatic mode, which is how the test was done
    You can check out the high resolution photos in Flickr.

    In my opinion, the photos captured with GDR1 were much better.
    The photos had less noise, and everything just right. The problem was sometimes the focus and saturated colors.
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    06-25-2014 10:21 AM

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