1. dariohead's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 925 with the official WP Cyan/8.1 system (I waited for it, never installed the Preview) and I noticed that Skype is not on the list of applications in the "notifications+actions" settings. Also, when someone calls me on Skype and I miss the call, this is not displayed in the Action Center.

    Am I missing something? Do I need to do something to enable Skype notifications, where? For example, I checked the Battery Saver and Skype has the "always allowed" option.

    07-24-2014 04:48 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Did you enable the notifications in Skype?

    Tap the three dots at the bottom, select 'settings' and then make sure both switches are on.

    If they are on I'd recommend installing Skype again as it should work. I get notifications all the time.
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    07-24-2014 05:50 AM
  3. dariohead's Avatar
    Thank you for your suggestion and instructions! :)

    However, both switches are already ON. I'll probably try reinstalling but it is annoying because after updating to WP 8.1 I already once reinstalled Skype because it wasn't working at all (constant crashing on startup).

    Skype proves to be one of the more unstable apps on WP which is really strange given it's all Microsoft's.
    07-25-2014 04:14 AM
  4. MartLea's Avatar
    Same here, notifications set to on in ... settings but no Skype app in the notifications center apps list! What is it with Microsoft that they can produce some truly great stuff but just don't seem capable of getting the basics sorted. Skype is a Microsoft app and should have been the first to be included in the notifications list. Still most people are so hacked off about being forced to use their MS accounts now in Skype for WP that I doubt many will be using the app here anymore anyway.
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    07-25-2014 06:58 AM
  5. Alphageek_UK's Avatar
    Well, I am getting the notifications ok, but when I tap on one to take me into Skype, it tried to load and then closes,
    07-25-2014 08:18 AM
  6. SirMatt's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem, running on L920 with 8.1 dev preview. Curious if anyone has found a solution.
    07-28-2014 09:07 PM
  7. Jonnie LasVegas's Avatar
    I've been running 8.1 since day one of dev preview and am now running official with cyan. It has and still only alerts me to txts I get through Skype. Never get notifications for Skype calls though. Not sure why.
    07-28-2014 09:14 PM

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