1. Rajamohan Manivannan's Avatar
    I'm using lumia 920.

    Existing issue:
    I think there is a problem, when you are in a call, if you get notifications or another call. You will not able to unlock or shutdown the phone, because the touch will not respond.
    Usually what suggested is to do a soft reset, but what i will do is trying to capture screen shot in old method, by lock key+ windows capacitive button, there will come a notification sating "Something have changed", and from then on the touch will resume working again.

    After installing the live lock screen beta app,
    My screenshot method is not at all working to resume touch response. and i do a soft reset, that crashed the live lock screen itself and resumed with old lock screen background, and when trying to unlock it failed to display password area, and again im unable to unlock. :(

    i thought of reinstalling 8.0 using recovery tool, but before that i tried to restart the phone which resumed with live lock screen app. (mostly because of soft reset it didn't showed up earlier.), and finally able to un lock the screen, and the first thing i did is un installed the live lock screen beta. :)

    because the Touch (mentioned above) problem, is making me wild at times we need to make a quicker call.

    Please sound off below if you guys too face similar problem.

    07-26-2014 12:31 PM

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