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    I've posted on this already. Updated to official cyan on o2.
    Bluetooth activated stops phone from working.
    I discovered that by doing a soft reset and making sure all Bluetooth devices were turned off I had the use of my phone but no Bluetooth.
    I had an online chat today with someone from Microsoft and was given instructions for recovery tool.
    So have used recovery tool and I'm now back on Windows phone 8.
    Bluetooth now working all is as it should.
    So am I correct in saying that was a software fault?
    Do I try the update again?
    Is there any one else with this issue?
    Lumia 925

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    07-30-2014 02:04 PM
  2. 10curtains's Avatar
    Well I updated again to 8.1 waste of my time.
    Bluetooth not working again.
    I'm going to have to use recovery tool and take it back to wp 8.
    So I can get wp 8.1 update and it kills Bluetooth.
    Not happy. OH phone won't be getting his 625 updated I can't be bothered with all this nonsense.

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    07-30-2014 03:32 PM
  3. db176's Avatar
    Hey Curtains, I have the same problem with my new Lumia 930 took my first phone back & got a replacement on my 2nd 930 now same problem Bluetooth shows connected & paired but fails to transmit sound to other device ie speaker or handsfree,
    It also mutes calls so you cannot hear the other party & stops the music player from opening, it keeps flipping back to the home screen.
    Turn off Bluetooth, shutdown & restart phone to regain function.
    We have tried Hard & soft resets to no avail & last night I ran Nokia recovery tool which did a full reinstall on my phone, This has not worked. the next option from nokia is to reinstall Bluetooth drivers which I will try soon when I find them. then its going back to Nokia.
    No I don't think I should have to do all this with a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 actually my 2nd in 8 days
    Cheers Dave
    Ps I don't think I can go back to wp8 :-)
    07-31-2014 07:20 PM

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