08-04-2014 01:57 AM
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    . My answer is to avoid the site. The other thing I am finding is web sites were you can not pinch to zoom! Westmarine.com is a good example.
    Am I missing something?
    I haven't used IOS or Android in six months now. Anyone else notice this?
    Last time I forgot to mention something that is really worth mentioning, although the m.sites is not much appreciated by the users generally. There is a reason that they do exist.

    Firstly, it is easy to use and data minimization process. M-optimized websites load faster and even are good for SEO in some cases.

    Secondly, and this is the most important of all. The reason M-sites exists is because the user is MOBILE, and I must say that these user does not looks in a website like the normal desktop users. They are most of the time looking for quick information and are on the go. Generally using one hand as the primary source for inputs and scrolling. M-sites helps these kinds of users in a great extent. The don't see those fine lines in the design, they are rather blurry and are looking for quick information to reduce the divided attention.
    08-04-2014 01:57 AM
26 12

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