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    This is a tricky one, and I'm grateful for any light anyone can share:

    I've decided to hold off on 8.1 until a few features are somewhat improved--I was able to restore my phone to 8.0 with the Nokia Discovery Tool (I have a Lumia 925), but to my surprise, my phone didn't want to install the English Speech Pack until after I updated all the way to 8.1 (I was holding off installing anything after Lumia Cyan).

    Does anyone know how to avoid that? Obviously, 8.0 had speech langauges--Windows Phone 7 had speech languages. But now my phone refuses to download a further language pack until I update (since the 8.1 update has been rolled out by T-Mobile, at least where I live, for a few weeks now).

    Thank you you for any insight into this.

    EDIT: The answer was looking me right in the face--install the language packs before you install Lumia Cyan. I apologize, and please feel free to close this thread, mods.
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