1. vishj05's Avatar
    I recently updated my lumia 7200 to Cyan.
    But since then I am having an issue with storage sense and Xbox music.
    Any new music that I am copying to Phone/SD card shows up as Others in Storage sense and I am not able to play it in Music app.

    However this shows up in Music folder in FILES app and I am able to play it form there and from mix radio as well.

    Any pointers??
    08-20-2014 04:21 AM
  2. vishj05's Avatar
    Music under storage sense always show 0 bytes...
    Has anybody else faced the issue
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    08-20-2014 04:25 AM
  3. kennydewanto's Avatar
    Yes man,
    My lumia720 also face that issue,
    It only read photo in my sd card, the music is categorized as "others"
    It happen when i copy all my old files to my new sd card
    *ps my sd card is toshiba class 10 32gb

    Kindly need your help guys

    Best regards
    09-06-2014 09:41 PM

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