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    Hi all !

    I have 2 phones, one 920 (used as a developer device) and a 1020 (my main phone). The question is, does flashing a new ROM into the phone helps with the battery life ? My 920, which ran WP8.1 Developers Preview, had been downgraded (by flashing the ROM into it) and updated to Cyan + Dev Unlocked so it has Update 1. One thing that I found out from the 920 was that the battery life has improved significantly (I used it for 1 day listening music, with me turning on/off the phone constantly, and it was on flight mode (no SIM) and WiFi was turned on, but battery was still at 100% when I got home). My 1020, on the other hand, received the Cyan update also, but I had to hard reset it due to some screen issues. After that I used the Nokia Software Recovery tool to reset it. One thing that I realised about the 1020 was that the Battery life was not fantastic, and I am seriously considering flashing a new ROM into it since it works for my 920. So I would like to ask, if theres anyone with similar experience, and does flashing a new ROM helps ? Thanks !
    08-26-2014 12:24 AM
  2. vash9852's Avatar
    Alright I have a 1020 as my main and my 920 as my back up before my 1020 was updated to 8.1, the battery life was the same as my 920. But now my 1020 only Las 17 hours while my 920 last 23 hours. Case In point your battery life will take a hit.
    08-26-2014 05:50 AM

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