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    Hi guys! federcobra here, i want to share with you what happened to me the August 29, (yesterday) hoping that this may help someone and clarify your idea.
    First of all, i've to say that i'm (or i was) enrolled in the Preview for Deverlopers program, i think one of the best windows phone point, a way easier to get access to all the updates early, test them, find problems, bugs and discover hide features, but this is a thing that Anyone should do if hasn't: Windows Pc (Win7 or newer), a good internet connection, able to take the risk to lose your phone. So I advice to not use this (may void your warranty), if you have this only phone, or you are using your phone for work (if something get wrong like happened to me, you will lose everything).

    I start using the preview the April 14 (the first 8.1 day) i tried it, and it worked well for almost 2 weeks, all the improvements that you all can find around the web, and I was one of that "lucky" guys that had also a battery improvement, (yes, mine was able to work maybe for 30 hours with data connection enabled 7am-11pm, more with data disabled all the time, just the most useful app like whatsapp, we chat, weather... working always, even with battery saver) after this I decided to enable cortana (that as many of you knows require location service) and my phone back to work as before, (22 hours usually, with sometime data enabled), the more the time went, the more i found battery problem, (using data connection and IE, after 10min looking at the top i was able to see my percentage discharge 1% every 3sec. The August 8 my phone made a Backup, and if don't get wrong, the august 10 "update1" was released, the day after i update my phone, (as always i Removed my SD card, this make me sure that my data and apps are in a safety physical place, unluckily Microsoft didn't able user to make backup in Pc/mac as it should be; and because I read that without SD card the process of installation works faster). here a little bit better and little worse: if you have update1 you should know that this let you make live folders, a better IE (so i read, i think thats the same), a better battery (using data conn. just when necessary i could stay 24h, no location serv.) but a worse camera, i read that someone has found a worse camera before at the begin of the preview, but instead i found this camera problem after update 1 (that makes more blur and a little green photos); then i found another problem, an error that unable me make new backup, so my last was the one i said before. Anyway some days ago, annoyed of the long waiting about news of LCyan for who has Preview4Devs i decided to manually upgrade my phone with Nokia software recovery tool, as written in many websites, guides, from nokia, and communities, you need to know that this program will remove your actual Software and will replace it with the official one that it finds for your phone, so all will be inside will be ERASED, no one of your file will remain, Is important that if you want to save your datas, files…(and data files obliviously :)) you need to backup what you have in your phone, you decide what (setting and app, photos and videos, sms and calls) as i said before "unluckily" (i'll explain you why later) only in the cloud onedrive and anywhere else.


    As written in the site nokia, with Nokia soft recovery tool, you need to download the most recent version of the program (actually 1.4.3), then connect your "preferably" full charge phone (I advice you to do this, because during the process, you'll not be able anymore to charge the phone, and if your phone battery reach the 0% during the installation, i guess you have to send your phone to nokia) NSRT will recognize your phone and automatically find the newer official software for your device (if your phone and phone operator released WP8.1 Cyan, you will download and install 1.54GB of this, if your phone or phone op hadn't, you will downgrade to 8 Black GDR3, i suppose) after starts the install process (the most risk one), your phone will erase your software and install the new one, but sometimes (like happened to me, i know, I've a bad luck), may appear the error: at half process (usually at the first 5 minutes) error: 0x80131500, if this happen there are 2 solution (hard to find in the web sometimes, so i hope that if this happen to you, you'll fast come here to read this :)) FIRST: disable your windows firewall, this should be enough, if not, disable all the firewall you have (or at least remove nokia recovery tool from the blocked app list), if you have any problem to disable firewall or you're scared (maybe of virus, malware, hacker…) you could anyway try this SECOND (the one i did because of problem with firewall): when the error pop up, you could chose between "try again" (give it at least a second try, if you're luck maybe it may works) and "cancel", chose cancel, even if it says that your phone may stop works, usually it don't (but anyway you don't have much choice, if your battery reach 0% as said before it'll stop work at the same) then you'll need to come back at the home screen of the app and click: My phone does not start up or respond. This will let you download again 1.54GB of Software and this time all should works fine (if you look at the left bottom, this time you'll not have written the current version of your Software, this because it has been already erased, and maybe this is why now it should works) at the end, last step will ask you to wait almost 200 sec then, your phone will back to life, the program will ask you leave your phone connected to the pc for a while, (if you remove the usb, you could lose everything).

    Now you'll have your phone as new, so simply follow your in screen instruction, (as i did) and when you come to backup, choose your backup (and start pray that all will be good), after you setup all the rest, there may appear a big problem, (the one had) plugging-in your phone while you are using wifi, your phone will probably make a new backup, so if everything works fine you're ok, but if your phone doesn't restore the backup as it should, it will automatically make a new backup with Nothing in your phone. Now i've at least my contacts, but all the datas and apps datas erased, (i also lost some apps no longer available in the store). Another crazy thing, the last one, is that if you'll put back inside the slot your SD card, all your app will result as taken from another phone and your phone will ask you to delete these app and replace them (losing all the datas), and so i did.

    At the end that day for me has been a really crazy day, i hate what happened, and i still don't understand why microsoft make this backup service, i mean, if the phone wants to make backup, at least let me know and not allow it, or better, give us the chance to make one in our Pc/mac. I can't even understand how my phone didn't recognize my SD, Microsoft should improve this and don't let this happen.

    Thats what happened in an unlucky day for not so lucky person like me… but at least i didn't lost the phone ;)

    oops another last thing… i removed the preview, because every time i used Data Connection with an app, the phone started get hot (really hot) and because after more than 10 minutes with some battery app I test that it has reached even 20% at hour discharge, now with cyan at limits i reached 12% hour and after 30minutes a little bit hot, (so a little better) but anyway here still aren't the brightness profile bar, and ta-daaa Camera is still with blur, so like someone says Cyan don't make your preview very different, basically it remains the same with little improvements, if you are REALY SURE do this recovery process, if not, keep the preview, and wait for microsoft, maybe you'll need to wait for 1 month but at the end you'll not loss any data.
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