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    So I've been trying to find a way to charge my phone and use GPS and Bluetooth audio in the car - I've tried a couple of cables/chargers to no avail. the battery keeps draining quicker than it's getting charged.

    I just ordered these two on Amazon and after my commute this morning, my battery was still at 100%

    I'd tentatively call that a success - here are the bits in case anyone else is facing the same problem

    oh I ordered the u-grip car mount from the WPcentral store, and it works a charm in my Miata!! - I recommend this too!

    SadoTech Universal Dual Port Mini USB Car Charger, High Output 5V 4.2 Amp Charges Any USB Based Device Like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet & Smartphones a
    [COLOR=#888888 !important]Sold by: SW LLC


    Mediabridge USB 2.0 - Micro-USB to USB Coiled Charging Cable (1.5-3 Feet) - High-Speed A Male to Micro B with Gold-Plated Connectors
    [COLOR=#888888 !important]Sold by: Mediabridge Products, LLC

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    09-10-2014 10:36 AM

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