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    We all say this and all can agree about this. I just wanted to share my experience with Att and a sales rep....

    Normally we have stories about Sales Rep flat out trying to steer you away from Windows Phone. This was a different experience. This was an experience with a sales rep surprised to hear of loyal WP fans.

    I had been having some issues with my 1520 but I think it is more akin to DP. I was possibly going to upgrade and just get another 1520(i really want it in Green so bad) but i was like "Micah that's dumb...." so I contemplated getting an iPhone or even a HTC One M8(Android). The 1520 really is the best windows phone imo, better than anything that has been released afterwards. Just my opinion of course :)

    When I went to possibly upgrade my 1520(It's a shame there are NO recent High End Lumia Smart phones for at&t. I know the M8 is coming but even then there are still no high end Lumias except for the 830 and depending how you look, that may not be high end even though I do think it is).

    That being Said, I was talking to the first guy who knew my face and knew me as "The Lumia Guy" but my sales rep actually was shocked when I proclaimed myself as an A Huge Windows Phone fan....

    He wasn't rude or anything like that. He was really shocked to hear me say that and then went on to say

    "You're probably one of two people i've ever met to say that about Windows phone. We just...don't sell them."

    He did praise Lumia camera but he mentioned they just don't sell them and it was a pleasant surprise to see a "Huge Windows Phone fan". He went on to say that in the time that Windows Phone has been on att they just don't really sell a whole lot or get much questions.

    I guess that is why it is so easy for them to remember me then lol It is a pretty active and big store, yet they know me and i only come in there maybe 3-4 times a year lol. So they really must not sell a lot of windows phones

    We talked more and he said that for him he thinks that Android and IOS have the X-factor that makes people want to buy the phones and for them a Windows Phone may sound kind of lame even if it has cool cameras on Lumia or nice speakers on M8...

    About Windows Phone Fans:

    We go on and on about how Microsoft needs to open the OS up...I don't think so.

    We go on and about how microsoft needs more than Lumia...they really don't. Lumia has been carrying the platform thus far. While Choice is great, i don't necessary believe that is the key to success.

    People say Microsoft needs to bring Lumia stuff to Non-Lumia....No. they do that and I am out. Let Lumia stuff stay exclusive to the Lumia stuff. You want it, get a Lumia or better yet let your preferred OEM actually do something useful and bring their own stuff.

    Or we need an SD card slot because you know...THAT is the reason people aren't buying Windows Phones. They lack SD card slots(Sarcasm). Hence why I laugh when people try to put down the Lumias for lacking SD card slots :P

    The Problem with this OS, I discovered and sort of knew already but i had it confirmed today was Public Perspective.....

    It's not just the fact we lack apps. We've ALWAYS lacked Apps since day 1 and we still lack apps. I can easily sell a Windows Phone to a first time smartphone owner but I can't as easily to an established smartphone owner(Unless it is blackberry...at this rate anything is better than blackberry).

    They are talking about dropping the Nokia Name...I really think they really need to change the name of this OS and really need to change the image WINDOWS PHONE has.

    It's not about a lack of apps....at least not entirely.

    My friends(I am 19 years old) and my brother's friends(he is 13...so they are 12-15) view Windows Phone as something Lame because it is windows(these are the same fools who use linux and macs :P).

    I really wish I could talk to Microsoft myself and just tell them that you people need to work on your image. They need to get the 19 and younger crowd really into it. We are the ones who can influence older people.

    My best friend's mom got a Galaxy S5 simply because he had one and has always had Samsung. My roommate's family is an apple family since they saw the benefits of apple as a family.

    I turned my family into a Lumia(My sister uses an HTC windows phone, we try not to judge her) because I knew the OS was great. My mom has some issues with it but i think she does like it mostly. My brother loves his 930 and the other loves his 635. Even my Dad and his second family are Windows phone fan(Sadly they use Samsung...We do judge them. LOL) and windows fans.

    The OS is so great and it is so annoying having to basically do Microsoft's Job for them and tell people

    1. It's not Windows like you're thinking, it doesn't get viruses.

    2. Yes We do have that App....

    3. Yes you can do that.

    4. No that's a lie...don't believe everything bad you read about Microsoft.

    Another Experience:
    I run my own Big Board Forum with a teen audience ages 14-19 and one user was trying to look for her smartphone. It was her first.

    I mentioned windows phone and she was interested however another one of my member's was like "Ew Windows Phone."

    I asked her why she said that

    "They don't have any apps and it's kind of lame."
    I then had to sort of debate with some of the other users over Lumia vs Android lol.

    The member who asked that question about what phone to get now has an iPhone 5s because she heard the OS sucked so she went with an iPhone like everyone has.

    MS needs more visible Pride
    It's the same thing with Xbox
    It's the same thing With Windows 8/8.1

    Microsoft needs to start taking PRIDE in this OS and actually showing that pride in their products by telling Average people what it can do and why it is better.

    MS has done great with Surface Pro 3. But these Siri vs Cortana commercials, while cute, still aren't doing much to actually really show Pride in the OS.....

    People keep saying Windows Phone needs this OEM or that OEm to save us....

    The M8 is not going to sell all that well(I doubt better than any Lumia), Even a Galaxy S branded Windows Phone won't save us...The only person who can save us is Microsoft by taking more pride in the OS and actually making people want it and dispelling rumors that the OS has. Until then, HTC One M8, Lumias, Ativs and all the others are going to sell well enough for a windows phone but not be anything worthwhile other than a 3rd place OS.
    09-14-2014 06:59 AM
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    they suck at marketing, you presented a US pov, now even in countries like India where Nokia was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, they sucked in marketing, they showed lumias are nice cameras even though they could do much more, they also suffered due to bad decisions and slow rollout of phones as a result they lost their market position to motorola who brought just one device motoG, even today MS says they "WILL" bring cheaper phones to WP, god knows when will that happen, we need 730, 735, 830 to be available during start of 2014, there should have been a wow device to compete with Iphone6, but no unfortunately
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    09-14-2014 07:19 AM
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    It is really getting to the point I am kind of tired of championing the is and hoping Microsoft gets it right.

    So many people on wpc use dual os and i think I soon may be one if these people who are sitting here with an iPhone and Lumia. Just because I honestly don't think Microsoft is going to get it....and if they do, it will be at a time where it just doesn't matter anymore.

    We presently have no high end Lumia, an m8 on one carrier and the 635 on two carriers.....yeah that's going to make a whole lot of difference in the rampage that is iPhone and soon galaxy sales.

    Also a lot of people equate windows phone and windows 8, so they dislike win 8 and it automatically translates into disliking windows phone
    09-14-2014 07:30 AM

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