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    I have a very specific issue after upgrading to 8.1; I use a third party calling card to talk to family and friends overseas. The format in which I have saved their number is as XXX XXX-XXXX,1# where X's is a local US number and 1# is the speed dial for the actual international number I am trying to call. The local US number just patches my call and saves me the hassle of punching in the international number every time.

    After upgrading to 8.1 if I am trying to call any of the speed dials the history always shows a particular number (XXX XXX-XXX,74#), its kinda annoying as I have to always go thru the phone book to find the contact I have to call, the call history becomes not usable. After the update it used to go to XXX XXX-XXXX,37# I dint knew what the issue was so I deleted the contact, it then moved to XXX XXX-XXXX,74#

    I hope I am able to explain what the issue is, anyone else running into the same issue? Any resolutions?

    09-16-2014 04:26 PM

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