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    Hello Guys,

    I am completely shattered as my beloved lumia 720 have finally shown its true color. I have registered for the DP and was updated with with 8.1 with latest updates as well, Until few days back it start flashing lock screen continuously. restarting pone again and again. i tried hard reset numerous times but no luck. it was reportd to be a bug and the fix was to be in CYAN update.. right?? I decided to to use Nolia SRT to downgrarde it to WP 8. but when I connected my phone , it popped me for installing the firmware version of the Lumia CYAN!! I was too happy that I might got my phone working now as I will be able to update the CYAN too as it was supposd to fix the bugs in DP updates.
    I was completey shocked when nothing changed after CYAN update as well and lock screen issue continues. tried reinstallin firmware again but..more agony was waiting for me to come.. when the phone was restarting and was asking to restore from the backups available.. I do not see the last good backup of my phone which I had taken prior to resetting

    I am completely shatterd now as I do not have the phone working and also lost all my apps/msgs/other data . SD card is intact

    Any owrds of advise or suggestions/thought . Is there any way I can get my last backup atleast if not working phone
    09-19-2014 12:19 AM

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