09-30-2014 11:28 AM
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  1. Karthik Naik's Avatar
    Actually you are the one who keep bringing Google everywhere.

    Insulting for the reason that you don't like it.
    All I said about MS is it services are not as
    good as compared to Google.
    And market share shows that.
    you know that ideology is called "sheep mentality"
    respect all devs work,dont be such a hater
    if not for us,hardworking devs,you wouldnt have been able to post this comment
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    09-30-2014 11:21 AM
  2. Karthik Naik's Avatar
    Can someone please define lag? Is this a catch phrase that people just like to throw around? I use an iPhone 5 for work and I hate using the internet on it because it takes forever to load pages. Is it iOS 8 or maybe AT&T's LTE isn't that great? I remember using, and loving, Windows Mobile. People used to bash it for freezing, resetting itself, etc. but I never had any issues with it. I had just about every WM device and they all worked flawlessly, but I knew enough to keep an eye on open apps. To this day, I close apps immediately after finishing with them. I guess old habits do die hard. I'll agree that Gingerbread and below had constant force closes, but that's not lag. I've read benchmarks from too many devices to count and they put up all these numbers on a graph. What exactly do they mean in the real world? Does a 30,000 score mean an app will open in .00004 seconds faster than a device scoring "only" 12,000? Anytime I see an argument between posters there will always be the inevitable "show me a link" from someone too lazy to do his own research. I've looked high and low and I can't find any article that addresses lag in the form of timed differences between devices running single core CPUs vs. quad core or octa core or whatever. Someone please post an article or video with stopwatch results on various devices and if none can be found, no more lag references. Please.
    actually my nexus 5 does have alot of issues such as freezing and overheating(irony lol - freeze-overheat)
    i wouldnt say his comment is entirely untrue
    09-30-2014 11:22 AM
  3. thesachd's Avatar
    Welcome to wpcentral.:D
    Thank you. :)
    Welcome to WPCentral

    Good to see a WP fan who do not bash other OS
    Haha yeah, I am making a post about my experience with Android, Windows Phone and iOS as we speak. :)

    And thanks for the compliment, your comments from what I'm reading are also quite balanced.
    I never said windows never gets a virus.
    I never said androids always get a virus, if Androids have the slimmest possibility of getting a virus, the fact still remains, a possibility. You should read my previous posts, I also said that there are android users who never got a virus in their phone.
    Yes I started reading previous posts of this post and saw that you and some other people we're ganging up on two people by the name of DMC and salmanahmad.

    But in my experience if you we're to use an Android device the same way you would use an iOS or Windows Phone i.e. stick to downloading apps from the Play Store and keeping your phone up-to-date then the chances of getting a virus are as slim as getting one in iOS.

    When people purposely enable "Unknown Sources" and don't read app permissions that Google provides for every app, I am highly pissed by when they say it's Android's fault for getting virus, it's not, IT'S YOUR FAULT.

    Again, sir, many of your comments make complete sense and I respect your point of view. :)
    09-30-2014 11:28 AM
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