1. thisispants's Avatar
    I didnt seem to get any changes to the brightness settings, i thought this was a cyan feature?
    10-03-2014 09:18 PM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    No brightness sliders in the brightness area. Try finding it under display, assuming you've kept it up to date.
    10-03-2014 09:25 PM
  3. untitled007's Avatar
    the slider will not be available if you have an older s4 processor
    10-03-2014 09:49 PM
  4. tanyet's Avatar
    seems like MS would just put one single brightness slider in the action center or settings. I really don't see any need for brightness profiles or different non-linear settings.
    10-03-2014 11:39 PM
  5. thisispants's Avatar
    Does a lumia 920 have an older S4 processor?
    10-04-2014 03:47 AM
  6. Qiyamata's Avatar
    My 521 :(
    10-04-2014 03:50 AM
  7. thisispants's Avatar
    Looks like it does! Bugger. What's wrong with the brightness settings every other platform has. Unfortunately, the WP brightness settings isn't a refreshing change.
    10-04-2014 03:53 AM
  8. psoham777's Avatar
    Brightness profile is not available for dual core devices, only quad core devices have brightness profile
    ams963 likes this.
    10-04-2014 03:53 AM
  9. salmanahmad's Avatar
    It's a bit of a clunky implementation if you ask me, and the even more sad part is that it's only available for the newer Windows Phones.

    This isn't such a huge feature and odd that Nokia didn't add it for older devices, though all older devices supported it.

    Microsoft/Nokia is just giving people excuses for how much behind Windows Phone is.
    10-04-2014 05:11 AM
  10. F3rzz's Avatar
    i can't believe this :C #MESS
    10-04-2014 10:48 AM
  11. F3rzz's Avatar
    Just got Cyan today... No brightness slider...
    Anyways, what i really want is a way to deactivate capacitive keys backlight without activations battery saver.
    10-07-2014 10:09 AM

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