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    My year old Lumia 925 runs Lumia Cyan with WP 8.1 ... Not sure how and why it happened, most of the first party services stopped working for no reason ... They just don't open...
    For ex if I open Phone app , nothing happens, opening app animation shows up followed by closing app animation.. I'm currently using rapdialer to access phone

    Messages, Music, Store, Storage Sense, Backup, People App, Mail apps, Photos and many other settings don't open at all..

    Third party services are working fine enough, unless they access photos or music...

    I'm not sure when my phone backed up, backup settings doesn't open, tried connecting it to PC , it just doesn't show up in devices .. I'm not getting SMS , unable to view call history. Contacts doesn't show up . This is terrible..

    Tried soft reset more than 5 times. The time keeps resetting to May 2014. I don't want to loose app data the reason I didn't yet zero down the solution to hard reset..

    Can anyone please help asap ???
    10-28-2014 03:42 PM

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