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    Via or waypoints for HERE maps WP8.1. Force the route to pass through certain locations?

    I installed WP8.1 on my phone and updated HERE maps.
    Question: Is there any possibility to insert via points, either using street addresses or by touching the screen with my finger, in such a way as to force the route between point A and destination B to pass through certain intermediate locations?

    I have experimented with many known places and, in a good number of cases, HERE maps does not find the best route, sending me on secondary roads, narrow streets, bad neighborhoods, force me to cross railways, etc..

    In most cases it is self evident, just by looking at the map, that the suggested path follows roads shown in white (secondary streets) for kilometers while there are much better options like light yellow, yellow, reddish of magenta primary roads.

    The version that works on the laptop (see HERE - City and Country Maps - Driving Directions - Satellite Views - Routes) has the facility to insert way-points which in most situations solve the problem of being routed on unwanted roads. Regarding WP8.1 HERE maps I do not see a way to reshape the suggested path between two points A and B.
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    11-09-2014 06:50 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Here Drive > Settings > Route Settings. This may address many of your concerns when tweaked, but still doesn't give a "via" routing.

    For instance Route Optimization > Faster route should use highway as a preference over primary road and so on down the hierarchy.
    11-09-2014 08:58 AM
  3. jwinch2's Avatar
    Can you drag the map route to specific locations like you do on regular maps? I use Navigon, where I know you cannot, but it does provide three options on directions typically.
    11-09-2014 09:03 AM
  4. simplex1's Avatar
    "For instance Route Optimization > Faster route should use highway as a preference over primary road and so on down the hierarchy."
    "Faster route" was the setting I used most of the time. I also tried with "Ballanced route" that gives (slightly) different routes but it suffers of the same problem, many times sending me on secondary roads, about which I know they are not viable options, for a few kilometers.
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    11-09-2014 02:19 PM
  5. mikosoft's Avatar
    No, there is no way of adding waypoints in Here suite. That is something that Nokia screwed up epically since their Symbian navigation app had this functionality. And with the news of Here suite being more focused on Android and iOS now the addition of such is probably not gonna happen.

    The way I solved this when I prepared our roadtrip route is this - register and/or login at here.com and save all your places you want to visit there (they call it "Collect"). Then go to Here Drive, sync your favorites from your account and pin all your places to start screen. Then you just tap the pinned places, wait for Drive to start, tap "Drive" and off you go.
    11-10-2014 03:26 AM
  6. simplex1's Avatar
    When I installed WP8.1, I got automatically a new application called "Maps" which can find routes, same as "HERE maps", but it also appear to lack waypoints.

    Is there any WP8.1 (serious) application that works with preloaded maps and which accepts way-points?
    11-11-2014 06:09 AM

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