1. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    I have a large music collection ripped to *.wma on my home media server. I have synced some of this to the SD card on my Windows Phone (HTC One M8, WP8.1). Xbox Music can see and play all of it but it will not play the songs on an album in correct order (i.e. - track 1, track 2, etc).

    If I simply open the album to view the tracks, it shows them in correct order so I know it can read the tags properly (I am obsessive about proper tagging) but when I tap play it adds the songs to the now playing list in random order every time. Granted there are a lot of albums where this does not matter much but there are a lot where track order is absolutely essential. Several Pink Floyd albums for example, also virtually every classical music recording ever made. This has been the case with every media player on Microsoft phones going back to Windows Mobile. At least every one I've ever owned.

    Also, less important is that Xbox Music doesn't actually show the track numbers in album view nor does it show albums in date order when in Artist view. These feature would be nice to have.

    So, I am giving up on Xbox Music (at least on my phone) and I want to find another music player app for playing the albums I've synced to the sd card. I've searched through the app store but every music player seems to be for streaming music from the cloud not playing locally stored music on the sd card. Does anyone know of a good media player that handles locally stored music well?
    12-07-2014 01:24 PM
  2. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    I don't know what's going on but I checked my phone and Xbox music adds the whole album in it's correct order and plays them in that order also. I did notice it will add songs (out of order) if your shuffle icon is highlighted? Is yours?

    Have you tried One Music, Music+?
    12-07-2014 01:35 PM
  3. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Probably a silly question, do you have shuffle turned on, it looks like a pair of entwined snakes?
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    12-07-2014 01:35 PM
  4. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    OMG, I feel stupid now. That was it Bob. Thanks so much.
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    12-07-2014 02:02 PM
  5. Bobvfr's Avatar
    I am sure we have all been there at some time
    12-07-2014 03:28 PM
  6. Thornwolf's Avatar
    I've been having the same issue. However, my music is not set to shuffle. In fact there is an order to my album tracks sometimes. i.e. 1, 10, 11, 2, 20, 21, 22. Reminds me of what windows 95 use to do. Any ideas. I'm listening to audio books and this is unacceptable tying to drive and play with chapter orders.
    12-10-2014 11:47 AM
  7. Scott Leonard's Avatar
    All of my music is tagged with track numbers 01, 02, 03... 10, 11, 12, etc. so I avoid this issue. It is all ripped from CD using Windows Media Player and it tagged the track numbers correctly with the leading 0's (the rest of the tags were painstakingly edited manually by myself during a 3 year long ripping/tagging project.) You will likely need to edit the track number tag and add the leading zero's or use filenames such as '01 Music Tagging Blues.wma'.

    My problem was user error and the fact that I really need glasses :)
    12-10-2014 09:34 PM

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