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    Hey all

    Has anyone else running older Lumias noticed that the new bright green theme that supposedly came with the Cyan update is non-existent? I am on the PFD program, have the latest updates, but nothing. It can't be a feature of Denim, as it has already arrived on the 930 and 1520 with Cyan. I know that I can just use a green start background, but its not the same as having the theme implemented in the full OS. I can understand it being a feature with the new green devices, but I see that as no excuse not to bring it over to the rest, especially after the announcement that all Windows phone 8/8.1 devices will be supported. If anyone has any idea please say so, either I should contact Microsoft directly.
    PS. What calendar app is that? Looks gorgeous

    12-09-2014 02:33 AM

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