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    In the past, the automatic brightness setting in my previous HTC 8s only brightens the screen but it remains bright even if I go to a darker place. In my L1020, thankfully the screen both brightens up and darkens down with respect to the brightness of my location. However, the L1020 used to take around 5 seconds for the screen to darken after a change in surrounding brightness, e.g. after covering the light sensor (as opposed to the immediate increase in brightness when I aim a flashlight at it).

    Just yesterday (several days or weeks after receiving the latest PFD update), I noticed that the L1020 screen now also darkens immediately. Would you consider this an improvement in the PFD, or is this causing trouble than the previous setup?

    Lumia 1020, installed with latest PFD OS version (8.10.14219.314) and Cyan Firmware.
    12-13-2014 02:00 AM

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