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    My entire family is on WP (at the moment) because we absolutely love the Family Room (i.e. "Rooms") feature where you have a shared chat, shared notes, shared calendar, and shared photo album where everyone can upload videos and anyone else in the room can comment on those photos, almost like a private Facebook. It's a great way for the 7 of us to stay in touch.

    However, now that Verizon finally released the WP8.1 update, two of us quickly jumped on board and did the update. Now we no longer have the ability to comment on photos in Family Room. In fact, we can't even see the comments others (still on WP8.0) make on those photos, although we can see the photos. Is this a bug, or has this feature been removed? If so, WTF?
    12-19-2014 11:04 PM

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