1. jps71's Avatar
    Hi guys :)

    I hope someone can answer my question.

    I have just purchased a Nokia Lumia 635 after previously having an android phone.
    On the android I was able to change the sound of the calendar notifications to music which kept playing until I stopped it.
    On the windows phone though I can only seem to get it to play a single short sound.
    Which I dont here unless the phone is right next to me.
    Is there any way I can alter it to play music nonstop till I aknowledge/stop it.

    Hope someone can help.
    Cheers jps
    12-20-2014 08:43 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Under SETTINGS > ringtones+sounds you can set under (Reminders) a "ringtone"
    But you can add a "ringtone" see Learn how to add more
    Hope this will work.
    12-20-2014 09:36 AM
  3. jps71's Avatar
    Hi Harrie-S :)
    Thanks for the reply.
    It partially worked as it now plays the sound I want but it only plays it for about 5 seconds.
    Does any one know how I can extend the play time.

    Cheers jps
    12-20-2014 10:00 AM
  4. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I do not know how to make a ringtone "endless".

    But you can make your on ringtones and add them in the "ringtone" list.
    Maybe google a bit how to make a ringtone for Lumia.
    Or maybe you can copy the sound you have a few times and than add them together with a program.
    12-20-2014 10:08 AM
  5. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Ringtone can be max 30 mb

    Change your ringtone and phone tones
    ◦On the start screen, swipe left, tap Settings > ringtones+sounds, select the type of ringtone or alert you want to change, and select the sound.
    ◦If you have an mp3 file of a song on your PC, you can make it your ringtone. Connect your phone to your PC, and use the file manager of your PC to move the song you want to use as a ringtone to the ringtone folder in your phone. To set the song as your ringtone, in the ringtones+sounds view, tap Ringtone, and under Custom, tap the song. You can use a song as your ringtone if it's not protected with digital rights management (DRM), and it’s smaller than 30 MB. Your PC must have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.
    12-20-2014 10:14 AM
  6. jps71's Avatar

    Sorry I think you might be misunderstanding me.

    The tune is ok it is an mp3 and less them 30mb.
    I am using it as a reminder sound not as a ringtone which you kindly told me how to do.
    The problem I have is that the reminder only plays for approx 5 seconds and I would prefer it to play for longer either until it reached the end of the tune or until I stop it.

    Cheers jps
    12-20-2014 11:04 AM
  7. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Sorry that I only could help you for 50%. I do not know how to make it longer. I presume that you allow calander to work in the background
    (no idea if this had an influence but you never know)
    jps71 likes this.
    12-20-2014 12:32 PM
  8. jps71's Avatar
    50% of the way is alot better than nothing thanks for your help :)
    12-20-2014 01:33 PM
  9. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Not sure is this is helpful.
    In the app alarms you can set a snooze time. If you set it for 5 min than you get every 5 min the alert for your calendar item.
    12-22-2014 02:03 AM
  10. jps71's Avatar
    Hi thanks for the update.
    I looked at that but it was of no use.
    The problem I have is that it is a very poor signal in the house so I leave the phone where it can pick up a signal.
    So if the alarm only goes off for a few seconds I am unlikely to hear it if I am else where in the house.
    So that is why I am looking for a way to extend the time to give me more chance of hearing it.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Cheers jps :)
    12-23-2014 04:34 AM
  11. accursedvenom's Avatar
    Don't think there is a way to extend the length. Seems that phone calls get the longest and everything else is about half that length.
    12-24-2014 08:39 AM

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