1. Demian Mioc's Avatar
    First of all I must say this is a awesome portal for phone users and has great community here.
    I got myself a Lumia 630 3 months ago after long use of nokia 5130 and 5800,
    and I'm loving it, its terrific all-around smartphone.
    I didn't experience any lags, bugs and stuff and I'm satisfied 89% - always room
    for more improvement :D
    Although only one thing in my phone makes me wonder and that is Xbox Music
    player app. I have region switched to USA, and speech, so Cortana works flawlessly,
    Mix radio and Xbox Video works too but instead of Xbox Music I get Music with limited functionality. So my question is can I do something about it?
    wp_ss_20150112_0002.png wp_ss_20150112_0003.png wp_ss_20150112_0004.png wp_ss_20150112_0005.png wp_ss_20150112_0006.png wp_ss_20150112_0007.png wp_ss_20150112_0008.png wp_ss_20150112_0009.png
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    01-12-2015 07:53 AM
  2. Ed Boland's Avatar
    First, welcome to the site! You'll find tons of useful information here, as well as the best community, with knowledgeable people that are always willing to help.

    Now, about your issue, you posted a bunch of screen shots, but I'm not seeing the problem. Is Xbox music not playing your music? I see you have Mixradio installed as well.. (Both work great as music players for me) What exactly is the problem?
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    01-12-2015 08:27 AM
  3. Matthew Blair's Avatar
    "X-Box" and "limited functionality". Go figure. 😓
    01-12-2015 08:41 AM
  4. Demian Mioc's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply :D
    I'm from Croatia, problem is that Music app isn't xbox music, doesn't have additional features like radio and stream, in example Cortana has feature listen music and music that is found by Cortana isn't linked with music app. Although I have Xbox video so I presume that instead of Music app there must be Xbox music app! So how can I have working Cortana with music recognition and all features, Mix radio fully operational, and Xbox movie store but no Xbox music features, store etc. That bothers me slightly but I guess its because music app is region locked somehow. Idk.
    01-12-2015 08:45 AM
  5. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Oh, it's Xbox Music.. It's just called "Music" though.. To take advantage of the streaming music, you'll have to have an "Xbox music pass" I beleive. I don't use that feature myself, as I always keep my music local, on the phone's SD card.

    As far as regional restrictions go, I'm not really sure. Maybe someone will more knowledge about this will chime in. I haven't had any issues with Xbox music since the last few updates, but I live here in the U.S.

    Again though, the "Music" app on your phone, (the one you posted screenshots of) is indeed "Xbox Music".
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    01-12-2015 09:24 AM

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