01-31-2015 02:30 AM
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    Because Nadella uses Windows Phone right?
    FUD. It's been well documented that his primary devices on the go are his Lumia and his Surface Pro 3.
    01-30-2015 10:18 PM
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    To be honest MS had an uphill battle from the start coming so late. But they shouldn't be complacent look at Blackberry it used to be number one. They really have to develop their own apps if no one is doing it for them. or there must be a way they can make it so any app will run on the phone something like an emulator, I mean I can run windows 7 on a Ubuntu why not a I phone app on a windows phone.
    I agreed in one of my posts that Microsoft has an uphill battle, a very substantial one, and they have stated that they are in it for the long haul. Joe Belifore stated that the battle will not be won over night, but by steps over a very long period. Microsoft is not getting complacent, they are now running more advertisements for their products than I have ever seen. Mid summer last year every other commercial on history channel, discovery channel etc. was for either the HTC one or the lumia 635. They are working at it. They have also been making the apps when some of the big names will not IE the facebook app is produced and maintained by Microsoft with Facebook's permission. If the company does not give the permission for the app to be made on Windows phone it WILL NOT BE, prime example is last years You tube app, it was probably the best one I had ever used, but google put the kibosh on that one really quick and it has not returned. Microsoft also cannot make the bank apps. There is major security issues that can only be resolved by the bank in question.

    As for emulation.... Blackberry tried that one and it did squat to help them. The problem with emulators is that they never work as well as the original, and leave people in frustration. There are several windows based android emulators and they suck. The other issue is how do you incentivize an app programmer to produce a first person app if you can run it through an emulator on the platform (although running poorly) There would be no reason to produce an app with the native ecosystem at that point.
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    01-30-2015 10:55 PM
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    This thread has run its course.
    01-31-2015 02:30 AM
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