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    Every time I use Here Maps, I love the interface and maps quality. There are a few shortfalls however. Here Maps does not tell me what exit to take. It says the road that you next turn on to, but that isn't always the road that is listed on highway signs. So basically I have to rely on the graphics display of the roads to figure out when to exit, this doesn't always work well on complicated roads like big city driving.

    I often am driving with others who don't have windows phone and they hate here maps because of the lack of this feature and is just another reason why they won't look at windows phone as a viable solution.

    Secondly... the marker does not say which side of the road your final destination is on.

    Every other major navigation app out there has these features and it just seems pretty ridiculous that just a popular app and pretty much the only quality free windows phone app doesn't have them. Google Maps, Apple Maps they all have these features and come with their respective OS'. Is there any way to fix this?

    Lastly when I had an android phone and used google maps, the orientation of the car was very smooth and accurate. If I turned at all, then the turn would be immediate and smooth on the screen. With Here Maps, or with windows phone navigation apps in general the turns are not immediate, it doesn't register where you are on the road immediately if you are on an access road vs on a highway it takes a while for the gps to realize. I have had this problem on both windows phones I have owned, first the 928 and now the 929(icon).
    04-10-2015 11:28 AM

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