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    Much of my MP3 useage consists of those "single-listen" MP3's - you listen once and you're done with it - whether it's a podcast mp3 that you downloaded from a site ( that I can't find on the Podcast app ), or a recorded Interview you downloaded, etc..

    My routine is, after downloading a file to my Desktop, I always do the simple thing of dragging it over to OneDrive , into the Music folder, so that it shows up in WP Music app.

    The app should list the MP3 files on a simple page, next to each file, have a simple checkbox, that indicates you're done with it, and of course saves that checkbox to the APP's local storage.

    Later, you can decide to just tap a Delete Menu Item, that deletes the checked MP3's

    Wondering if anyone has come across something like this.
    04-14-2015 12:51 PM

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