1. Pravat's Avatar
    I had 100mb free space on my phone but one day it suddenly dropped to 10mb & then to zero. I have tried clearing temporary files, restarted but nothing helps. I have absolutely no apps installed on phone memory except Microsoft preinstalled apps( only 300mb) but still the system grows continuously. Even if i free up some space it again reduces to zero after few hours. Anybody has any idea how to deal with it? I don't think the dumbs at Microsoft will ever gonna fix this.
    05-28-2015 01:59 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    If you're not using any other apps other than MS apps then the only solution to your problem is doing a hard reset. It's possible the update was corrupted. It happens.

    If you can't do a hard reset, for whatever reason (though the reasons are becoming less lately) then you'll just have to deal with it another way.

    To me, things just don't increase on their own. So there's obviously something else behind this.
    05-28-2015 03:31 AM
  3. Pravat's Avatar
    I don't think that's the case. I reinstated cyan using Lumia recovery and then updated to denim. I don't see any problem with the OS. Everything is good except this. And I do have other apps( 11gb) but they are all on sd card. I have seen this problem on other windows phones also.
    05-28-2015 06:37 AM
  4. pankaj981's Avatar
    Try clearing the IE cache. Then forward the date to 3-4 months from now and then try deleting the temp files from storage sense, that trick definitely worked before. Also give storage sense some time before you see the results
    N_LaRUE likes this.
    05-28-2015 07:18 AM

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