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    Microsoft seems to be selling the cloud dream in a big manner and Windows mobile is one giant step further. Android gives us the option of what to sync and what not to sync but MS has taken a stiff stand on syncing all contacts and notes (OneNote) to the primary MS account.
    Till the time MS hears the customer voice and comes up with granular control of what to sync and what not to, lets play a game of hide and seek with big brother. You want our data right.. ok have it. But we decide if you may have the latest data and even if you have for how much time.

    Here is how...

    Any normal user would need an MS account to download apps alone I guess from the app store. Other than that I think you can happily configure your company, personal mail id's from other domains in the email client and use the phone seamlessly. Once you create/link that first MS Windows account, off goes your data to some cloud server sitting somewhere in Seattle I guess.

    Follow the steps below as a workaround
    - Create a dummy Windows outlook account and link it as the primary account. (skip this step if you have the account linked already)
    - Let MS sync all your contacts and notes with their servers.
    - Download the apps you need from the store.
    - Now, try to delete that account. You would have no such option as MS claims its your primary account!! :)
    - Ok.. I cant delete the account.. no problem.
    - When I cant anyway get out of the house, why do I even need a key!!??
    - Log on to outlook.com with your primary account and change your password to the account.
    - Now delete your contacts and notes from the web interface.
    - Now your phone cannot sync anymore with the cloud as it still has the old password.
    - Change the account password on the phone only when you want to use the Appstore and then delete the data and change the password on the website soon after.

    Advantage.. MS doesnt have your latest data and even if it does it would be only till the time you delete it from the web interface.

    This is the only workaround I can think of till MS offers granular control of contacts and notes.
    06-16-2015 08:30 PM

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